We are actively looking for volunteers to join us this summer!

We are looking for folks to :

  • Lead a nature walk! We’d love to add more events to our schedule. If you are willing to lead a nature walk, whether it’s looking for plants, insects, mushrooms, birds, or even just reaching a beautiful local view, please contact us!

  • Help us identify sightings.┬áMost sightings will be uploaded to iNaturalist with no ID; if you are able to help us identify species, we’d love the help!

  • Spread the word! Backyard Biology 2016 is a grass root effort by locals just like you. Share this website, share the Facebook page, hang a flyer at your place of business…. the more participation, the better the results!


Also, please visit our partners who have donated their time, their space, and their knowledge to our goal!